What I Know About Me

  • I am Brian ComptonI do good work for good people.
  • I create.
  • I improve.
  • I destroy (when necessary).
  • I create and improve processes. I do not process processes.
  • Three times is one too many. After two, I automate, delegate, or reconfigurate (I know).
  • I do not coordinate, facilitate or field anything.
  • I give honest opinions to those honestly seeking them.
  • My process is Listen -> Synthesize -> Communicate.
  • I do not suffer fools gracefully.
  • I have all the time in the world for the passionate and brilliant.
  • I ‘see’ concepts in pictures.
  • If it seems like I am not paying attention to you, I’ll be back soon. A genius idea of yours has sparked something creative in my head. Have some coffee.
  • I focus deeply.
  • I use my superpowers for good.
  • I am a researcher. Given a topic, I’ll become a subject matter expert.
  • I believe that ‘why’ is very important.
  • As a designer and writer, my style is the appropriate style for the project.
  • I do NOT do Flash. Never have, never will. Please don’t ask. They asked, I obliged. I *DO* Flash, but only converting from Flash to HTML5.
  • I love to learn and give extra points to projects with opportunities to explore something new.