Student Business Cards

PHP AJAX Design MySQL JavaScript jQuery ImageMagick Vector Generation

The Student Business Cards website was created when the UCF Printing Services manager approached me about filling a market niche for students. The cards were to be different than the staff business cards and the manager was looking for a web order form dedicated to this new product.

After discussing the product and their processes, I suggested that we try an automated system for typesetting the cards on this project as a test to see if we could eliminate a lot of manual typesetting that was being done on the staff business cards.

This project was built using PHP, MySQL and lots and lots of JavaScript and jQuery. As the user filled in the form fields, they were presented with a live preview of their business card.

The final output was a watermarked proof for the purchaser and a generated .EPS file with the business card in a 12-up layout. Printing Services would review the output file, make any necessary adjustments, and then print the cards.


This project was so successful that it drew attention from the university administration who ultimately decided they did not want the students to have a business card with the university logo and the product was pulled. I left the university before we could implement the automated business cards on the staff cards.

Though the product was pulled, I can demonstrate a local build.