The Matrix

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The UCF Business Services Contract Matrix or “The Matrix” was created when the Director of Business Services wanted a centralized repository of contracts and a contract dashboard that he could he access at any time, from anywhere.

The Matrix consists of two parts: contract document storage and a contract details database. For the document storage, it took uploaded PDF documents, ran them through OCR (optical character recognition) to make them searchable, and applied a generated file name and footer text before storing the document on the web server.

For the contract details, users entered the details into a web form (contact information, expiration dates, terms, etc). This data was then available in a number of pre-designed reports and used to generate weekly emails listing upcoming contract milestones. Both were linked to uploaded document as the source contract is the final word in the contract terms and we frequently had to look at the exact language used.


Built in 2010-2011, this was my first complex web application. It is still in use today.

There is also a T-Rex wearing a UCF hat hidden somewhere in this application just for fun.